Welcome to Young Risers Pre-school
Welcome to Young Risers Pre-school




Accredited Hygge Pre-School


We have limited sessions available for  2024/2025


Now open for Registration to start in 2025/2026


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Prospectus and Registration Form

Please see the download links below for a copy of our prospectus, Registration form and our funding pattern which you should read before registering your child.  Your child will not be offered a space until we have received the Registration form.


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Young Risers Pre-School




Please find below some of our policies at Young Risers, if you would like information on another policy please contact the pre-school.

Poorly Children policy
04.05 Poorly children January 2024 12094[...]
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Safeguarding Children and young people policy
06.00 Safeguarding children young people[...]
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Promoting positive behaviour Policy
09.11 Promoting positive behaviour Janua[...]
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Complaints Policy
10.02 Complaints procedure for parents a[...]
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What to Expect When Early Years Foundation Stage - A guide for parents
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healthy eating.docx
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At our Ofsted inspection in June 2019 we were graded GOOD.

A copy can be accessed by clicking the button below:

Who We Are

Established in 1972, Young Risers Pre-School is a non profit community pre-school offering early years education for children aged 2-5 years. The pre-school is run by an elected parent committee and is staffed by a team of qualified Early Years professionals dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for you child to play and learn.


The committee review the policies, practice, fund raise and undertake the recruitment of members of staff. Each year a general meeting is held to elect new members on to the committee. Our aim is to provide a safe, caring, stimulating environment, with high quality care and education for your child to learn and enjoy.




The Management of Young Risers     

A parent committee whose members are elected by the parents of the children who attend the setting manages Young Risers. The elections take place at the Annual General Meeting which is held in October every year. The committee is responsible for:

Making sure that Young Risers has, and works to, policies that help provide a high quality service

Making sure that Young Risers works in partnership with the children's parents

Managing Young Risers Finances

The Annual General Meeting is open to parents of all children who attend Young Risers. It is our shared forum for looking back over the previous year's activities and shaping the coming year's plan. Parents can also discuss their child's progress with their key person.



Typical Day


A typical day at Young Risers starts with the children arriving and exploring the resources that have been set out for them, then about 9.30am they will have a circle time where they will sing the good morning song, as well as a song for the days of the week and the weather, which the children and practitioners sing together.   The children are then able to choose which activities they would like to play with, indoors and outdoors. We have a variety of small scale play, construction sets, craft materials and outdoor play equipment for the children to choose from. We also include cooking once or twice a term.


A snack is available between 9.45-10.15 for the children to have a short break. They are offered something different each week, cereal, toast and fruit to name a few and children are always offered milk or water to drink. 


We have a P.E. session either in the school hall or on the school field, weather permitting, at least once a week.


Throughout the session/day children are able to choose the activities they want to play with until its time to get ready to go home or time to get ready for lunch. Once the children are ready we sing songs and/or read a story for the last 10 minutes. Some children stay for an extended day and will eat their lunch together with the staff.


After lunch the children welcome each other, we talk about the month and day and refresh ourselves on the letter and number of the week. They can then choose  activities indoors or outdoors until story time and singing time at 2.40pm and then home time at 3pm. No two days are the same in the pre-school and the staff encourage the children to share and care for each other in their choice of toys and games they play with.


It is helpful if you child is not in their best clothes as they get involved with lots of craft activities, painting, playing in the mud ktichen, sand and water and generally having fun. A change of clothes in a named bag on their peg is always advisable, just in case. 




Nursery and Staff photos are by Captured by Daniella


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